Collaboration with FRANCQ COLORS, Antwerpen-based trend consultancy studio.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode and Wallonie-Bruxelles International, as part of the Design Bourse-Coaching program – 2022.

September 2023

The theme New Boring sprouted from the desire for emptiness and a radical aversion to digital overstimulation and overconsumption. It partly shares the ‘less is more’ aesthetic from the ‘Normcore’ movement in which individuality is less important than being normal.

New Boring takes this a lot further and is more consequent. Absolutely no compromises are made. The comfort ‘decluttering’ results in is not a topic, the freedom to leave behind all that is abundant is. All it takes is one push of the reset button.

Minimalism is an urgency; everything must be a lot less. That can also be seen in durable production and the use of less materials and colors. The atmosphere is cold, everything is reduced to its essence: ‘statement through nothingness’. Furniture is often sober and less tactile within this theme as we often see pure and refined materials in a simple, yet thoughtful presentation.

Associated brands : Habufa / XooonHabufa / Coco MaisonHabufa / Henders & HazelLamettAkzonobelStoopen & MeeûsNtgrate