Print Designer – Pattern Maker

KVP is above all a love story, a constant vibration for patterns and their power; it’s a fascination for the final touch and the sense of well-being that textiles bring to an interior.

But it’s also a Belgian brand launched in 2012 by Kim Vande Pitte, combining the creation of original patterns and collections of upholstery fabrics, home linens and decorative objects that will highlight your interiors. Originality and authenticity invite themselves to your home thanks to an anchored graphic universe and balanced arrangements.

KVP focus on global creation: from graphic design to management of final production, while focusing on exclusively European production in close collaboration with subcontractors, backed by their know-how and expertise. All share respect for values such as fair work and attention to the human dimension in the creative process, high quality of materials ensuring the durability of each piece, as well as an approach favorable to slow design and small-scale production.

So if you are looking for the dynamic touch that will give relief and creativity to your interior, KVP – Textile Design is the brand for you. Offering functional, modular and bespoke solutions, Kim meets everyone’s requirements by offering an accessible and personalized design. With KVP, finally offer yourself a decoration that suits you.

B2B – Collaborations – B2C – Bespoke projects

Kim VANDE PITTE -Textile Designer