Project : COLOUR HIVE – Directions 2024/25

Publication in Colour – Material – Finish Directions 2024/25

from COLOUR HIVE, London-based creative consultancy and the publishers of MIX Magazine.

September 2023

PLANT – The Anthropocene now exceeds living biomass, extinction is accelerating, pollution has reached even the most isolated parts of the planet, and 60 per cent of the world’s biodiversity has vanished in the past 40 years.

Yet, while the drivers may be dire, this story focuses on moving forward to reconnect us not just with the natural world but also with our own senses.

Nature essentially becomes a design tool and the key to regenerative processes that protect the future. Surfaces emulate the glossy, fibrous and prickly qualities of plants. Patterns creep and entwine with no repeats and scale is a driver with plays on the macro and micro.