Project : Quilting

Collaborating with creators or buying goods produced in small series is not just about simple goods.
What you buy is above all a passion, an identity, a creativity, a universe, a sharing, and skills.
It’s in this way of respect for human dimension that KVP presents, through the photo lens of Julien Hendoux,
a focus on the creative process of quilted cushions, as well as on her research and sampling phases.

Photography : JUH Photography


To be able to quil the fabric, the pattern must first be printed on it.
The silkscreen frame must be insulated then prepared, and the fabric stretched on a table with pins.
Once the frame is fixed, the ink is applied on it, and printing can begin with several passes using a doctor blade.
Each print requires a washing of the frame. And when the fabric is dry, the ink must be fixed under the effect of heat.

Back at the office, the printed fabric is pinned to a layer of fleece.
The quilting can then begin. The sewing machine goes over on each line of the pattern,
that’s what will get this comfortable and graphic volume effect.