Project : Kickstarter

KVP – Textile Design is above all a love story, a constant vibration for patterns and their power,
for a graphic universe and balanced arrangements, for the passion of the creative process;
it’s a fascination for the final touch and the sense of well-being that textiles bring to an interior.

Video: Quentin Keiser

By helping a young brand like KVP, you support creativity, know-how, craftsmanship; more than a passion, a project of professional life; as well as a responsible production and consumption 100% made in Europe.

I take care of the quality and the origin of the materials by collaborating with rigorous companies which have strong and respectable values and are in favor of small scale productions and slow design.

All of these criteria have a cost, and that’s why I need people like you, who share the same values, and believe in my initiative.