Structure Capsule Collection

Made in France – 70 x 50 cm – 100% cotton

The BLENDER pattern oscillates between an architectural universe of volumes, shadows drawn by gradient lines; and a more organic, more fractal geometry inspired by nature.

The BLOCK WINDOW pattern is inspired by the view of a Brutalist building and plays on the volume by the succession of modular blocks and by the placement of shading. An ideal combination of soft colors, elegant texture and modern graphics.

GRID is treated without the volumes. The pattern thus keeps all its colorful strength, while simplicity and structure.

2021 – 2022

Care instructions : Machine wash up to 60 °. It is advisable to leave the fabric to soak overnight in cold water with a little white vinegar and to do a first wash at 30 or 40 ° with similar colors.

It may happen that during the first wash some dyed yarns too loaded with dye « bleed » a little … Just rewash immediately and all the excess dye will disappear, including on accidentally colored textiles.

Avoid mixing synthetic and natural fibres; polyester can form lint which can catch on natural fibres.

Natural materials are sensitive to concentrated alkaline solutions and bleaching products, so choose detergents based on natural Marseille soap without other additives.

Avoid fabric softeners which reduce the absorbency of textiles. Instead, consider putting a “shot” of white vinegar in the fabric softener tray; it’s good for the linen and environmentally friendly.

Textiles made from natural fibers naturally shrink by 5 to 10% depending on the fibers.