Project : Design September 2016


Design September – KVP for Happy Guesthouse

Located in the historic center of Brussels, the guesthouse « HAPPY » consists of 4 rooms spread over the 4 floors of this house characterized by its Scandinavian elegance with functional, smart and simple furniture. This renovation and design project results from a dynamic collaboration between Atelier Dynamo’s interior designers and the designer Julien Renault.

It is in this place, recently awarded as Commerce Design Brussels Award, that are presented KVP Textile Design’s creations.
The work of this young textile designer explores the infinite possibilities of the straight line, from construction to deconstruction, from ordered to random arrangements, mixing optical vibration and modular design.

Kim Vande Pitte presents a series of cushions of her new collection, which patterns are screen printed in her studio or outsourced for digital printing. In addition to these textile creations, she also displays her upcycling work on armchair structures.

Rue de l’Hôpital 27, 1000 Bruxelles